6 Struggles Every Accounting Major Goes Through

I've compiled a list of struggles that every accounting major faces, the first one is a given:

1. The mere fact that you chose to be an accounting major

There are only a couple of reasons people decide to be an accounting major: their parents forced them to, they had no idea what they wanted to do so they picked accounting because it's practical, because they want to make a lot of money, or becuase they actually kind of enjoy it. What they did not realize is that, no, they probably don't like accounting and you should switch out before it's too late. Which brings me to the second struggle

2. Making friends with everyone the first year, and losing friends every semester after

I'm only laughing because it's true. Each semester, there are less and less people in your accounting classes. Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE SMART AND THEY'RE ALL LEAVING. At least they know now that accounting wasn't for them. Now it's time for me to accept the fact that my accounting text book is my best friend. 

3. When everyone asks what you're major is and you answer and they do that thing


Thanks. I'll take all the blessing I can get lol

4. When you're confused about a topic that everyone else completely understands and you just sit there like

You also make that face when Colin, the smartest kid in class, asks the professor a really complex question that stumbles them. You kind of just there in shame, misery, and really start contemplating if accounting is even right for you. I mean how could it be right? You literally had no idea what Colin just asked, and he is the same age as you, maybe younger. Which then leads to struggle number four:

5. Having a mid-life crisis at 19 years old


You really thought accounting was for you. You maybe even switched into accounting because you did so well at Accounting I & II that you were like, "Wow I'm so good at this I should switch into it!" meanwhile most people were switching their major OUT of accounting. Then Intermediate hit, and every day you question if it really is for you. Do you even really understand half the concepts you're learning? Will you really be happy with a career in accounting? What if it's not what you want to do WHAT IF THIS WAS ALL A MISTAKE!!! THEN OUT OF THE BLUE IT HITS YOU AGAIN

6. That Moment When You Surpass the Smartest Kid In Class

Better luck next time Colin. You're not the only one who can ask really complex questions in class, looks like maybe YOU should find another major. Because you've made it this far honey, pat yourself on the back you because you ARE an accounting major and you are accounting for everyone's losses around you. You've realized maybe it really is for you again, then you go back to losing friends and being confused again. It's a never ending cycle.