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20 Makeup Must-Haves Every (Beautiful) Body Needs

Here it is, guys and gals. The makeup-must-haves list you’ve all been waiting for. So sit back, relax, and pray you won’t end up broke by the end of this list.

Disclaimer: I have bought and/or used all of these products at some point. The descriptions below are based on my opinion of the product. I wouldn’t add something here that I haven’t used. Ok. Let’s go.


1. NIVEA MEN Post Shave Balm in Sensitive

Now I know what you’re thinking: “An after shave? What’s an after shave doing at the tip of this list?” Well, I’ll tell you:

it’s an amazing primer.

Yeah. A primer. Let that sink in.

Amazing Makeup Artist and Youtuber NikkieTutorials discovered this little trick (you can find out how here!). One of the ingredients in this item is glycerin, which makes products stick to it like a magnet. This helps to make sure your makeup doesn’t go anywhere after application. Another key ingredient is Witch Hazel extract, and its list of benefits is pretty impressive. Also, there’s no alcohol in this product, so it won’t make your face feel dry. The only con about this product is the after shave smell, but if you can get past that, your relationship with makeup will grow so much stronger. Also, for the amount you’ll be using (spoiler: not much at all) and the price (double spoiler: it’s super cheap), this product is all you’ll ever want and more.

Price: $5.54 here.

Go. Treat yo’self.


2. MAKEUP FOREVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer

This is a more conventional primer. The MAKEUP FOREVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer line has 10 different formulas for all kinds of skin textures and tones, from oily to dry to combination galore. Another great thing about this line is that you can mix the different texture and tone formulas to get one that fits your skin type. The only con: the price.


Price: $17.00 – $37.00 here.

It’s an investment, but it’s worth it.


3. REVLON COLORSTAY Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin and for Normal/Dry Skin

This is a great low-end foundation. It comes in two different formulas for combination/oily skin and for normal/dry skin. It has medium to full coverage and that 24 hour label? Yeah, it’s not kidding. This foundation stays, It comes in multiple colors for all skin types and it has a wonderful matte finish. It feels very light after application, and you can always build up the coverage for more color payoff.

Price: $8.48 – $8.69

Combination/Oily here. Normal/Dry here.

So affordable. So great. Yas.


4. Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

Let’s talk about this foundation. This wonderful, amazing, beautiful foundation.

This foundation is the brain child of Kat Von D (tattoo artist, TV star, goddess, you get the idea). This is one of those foundations that doesn’t need a primer to look good. You don’t even need to set it with powder. Here’s what the packaging says:

Full Coverage. 24-Hour Wear. Transfer Resistant. Matte Finish. Fragrance Free. Oil-Free. For All Skin Types.

Does this not sound like the perfect foundation???

And guess what one of the ingredients is.


You remember what I said about Glycerin, right?


The pigment is also very high, which gives you the full coverage it promises. The finish is a matte, velvety texture. Again, the only problem is the price.

Price: $35.00 here.

Pricey, but worth it.


5. MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment

This is one of my favorite concealers.

It reduces the appearance of dark circles on your skin and it’s so blendable. They can also be used to brighten certain areas of your face depending on your skin color. The two main ingredients are Goji Berry and haloxyl. Haloxyl helps to reduce the look of puffiness and shadows. Goji Berries are a wonderful super food that has a lot of benefits for your skin. There’s so much to love, you can’t help but not hate it.

Price: $6.99 – $7.19 here.

Grab a couple, you’ll need them.


6. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This concealer solves the problem every concealer has: it’s crease-proof.

Yes. Crease-Proof.

Not only that, this concealer is so blendable that the line between this product and your foundation will be seamless.

This concealer is also formulated with different types of undertones in the skin in mind. It is an all-around-concealer, meaning it will cover dark circles, fine lines, blemishes, and you can brighten certain areas of your face with it. It has buildable coverage and there’s no alcohol!

Of course, the con is the price.

Price: $12.00 – $29.00 here.

Let’s pretend that number doesn’t exist and just get one. I promise it’s worth it.


7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

This contour kit is really nice for those who are looking for a more bronzed out contour look.

The bottom shades will definitely get you that “sunkissed in summer” glow. The top three shades are nice for brightening and highlighting.

Plus: this kit has two different color ranges for lighter and darker skin tones. Another plus: the pans are refillable!

The shades in this palette are very pigmented, so try to be light-handed when it comes to application.

Now close your eyes and just scroll to the next product.

Price: $40.00 here.

I didn’t at first, but I’m glad I tried it!


8. Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette

Another Kat Von D wonder.

This palette aims towards the cooler side of contouring, which helps to create a more natural/shadow looking contour. These powders also have a very silky feel to them, making their application flawless.

The packaging also comes with a step-by-step guide on how to contour your face with this palette. It’s a true artists palette for every makeup lover.

This price though…

Price: $46.00 here.

I know, but it’s such a good investment.


8. MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Shine Free Oil-Control Loose Powder


I swear, this powder is everything.

It’s a matte loose powder, it won’t clog your pores, it’s great for acne prone skin, and it locks your makeup in all day.

It comes in two shades and you can build up the amount of product on your face for that perfect skin look. Also, is has that silky feel we all know and love. The price just completes the package.

Price: $4.20 here.

Buy them in bulk so you never run out!


9. e.l.f. Baked Blush

e.l.f. has always been such a go-to product for me.

This is one of those cheap-price-high-quality items that everyone should try. These are baked blushes, which basically means you can apply them dry or with a damp brush or sponge for a more vibrant color.

In addition to that, these blushes have shimmer, which adds to that “natural glow” look. Also, can we talk about the active key ingredients?

Jojoba, rose, sunflower, apricot, AND grape? Can I get an Amen for these beneficial ingredients?

Remember when I said cheap-price-high-quality?

Price: $3.00 here.

Grab ’em all, honey.


10. Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter

I. LOVE. this product.

This champagne tinted highlighter is everything. It brings out the high points of your face perfectly.

And it’s such a soft highlight, the glow looks like its coming from within.

And how much could this tiny itty bitty wonderful little thing be?

Price: $30.00 here.

I know, but it’s amazing. Trust me.


We’re still riding the high-end train.

11. Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade

This product literally saved my semi-browless existence. This is like a cream eyeliner for your eyebrows.

It’s a waterproof, smudge free, life proof product that will stay until you scrub it off. Also, that creamy consistency makes this product easy to work with at all times.

A little goes a long way for this item, which makes the price for this high-end product so amazing.

Price: $18.00 here.

I know!


12. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

There’s not enough words that can express how wonderful this eyeshadow primer is.

Greens look greener, pinks look pinker, aquamarines look aquamariner, you get the idea.

This is a 24-hour long wear eyeshadow primer that will never crease. Ever. And a little goes a long way here, too!

And the price is amazing for the quality of this product.

Price: $12.00 – $20.00 here.

See? Not all good things are extremely expensive.


Speaking of non-extremely expensive things!

13. Morphe Brushes 35W – 35 Color Warm Palette

Oooooooh my goodness, this PALETTE.

It’s got matte and shimmer shades, It’s got every day and evening colors. It’s got SUPER high pigmentation. It’s got 35 different shades to choose from.

35 different shaaaaaaaaaades.

Are you even ready for this price.

Price: $19.99 here.

God is good, all the time.

Side Note: This palette is basically all the Naked palettes combined, so please don’t go spending $50 on a 15 color palette.


Back to our regularly scheduled high-end program!

14. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I mean, it’s Kat Von D. We’ve already established her greatness.

This makeup gem is a life-proof felt tip liquid liner that will literally last forever.

The felt tip is so precise, it’s scary. You can create beautifully detailed looks with this product. Also, the felt won’t fray like traditional felt tip liners usually do.

Now the price isn’t to bad for this product!

Price: $19.00 here.

But then you remember that it’s a 0.019fl. Oz. liner that’s as big as your standard ball-point pen and…

Yeah. But it’s $19.00 I’m always willing to pay.


15. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

I love these eyeliners. The color payoff is so nice and the application is smooth as butter.

Another great thing is that it will stay creamy and movable for about a minute before it dries and stays for the rest of the day.

Also, this product is an Allure Best of Beauty Award winner!

Price: $20.00 here.

But is it worth it? Yes.


Affordable products ahead!

16. e.l.f. Volumizing &Defining Mascara

Another e.l.f. goodie.

The formula in this mascara helps to add that fullness we all love, and the wand helps define your lashes to the gods.

Also, this product is formulated with vitamin B and E, which is soooo good for your lashes.

Again, cheap but great.

Price: $2.00 here.

So affordable, you’ll want more than 1(00).


I spoke too soon.

17. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

This is such an amazingly unique mascara.

The mascara itself is pitch black. Like it isn’t getting an darker than this. This formula is infused with collagen, which helps set your lashes after you apply the mascara.

Also, the wand is hourglass-shaped, which helps to curl your lashes up to Jesus (and that collagen keeps them that way).

The price just… no.

Price: $23.00 here.

I reacted the same way, but I’m glad I invested in it.


18. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D. Need I say more?

This product is a long-wear, full-coverage, matte-finish lipstick. Yes. Matte. And remember that vitamin E and sunflower oil I talked about? Yup. All here.

Aaand, you can definitely rock two-toned looks with this product. For the quality of this item and the longevity of it, the price isn’t all that bad.

Price: $20.00 here.


Trust me. You want this.


Ok, beauty babe! I just gave you a face full of makeup options. Now here are two great ways to put on “The Mask”.

19. beautyblender: the original beauty blender

I love love love the beautyblender.

This little sponge is the perfect way to buff in and blend your makeup to God.

When damp, it doubles in size, which helps you cover more surface area a lot faster. Bouncing your foundation on never felt so good.

Price: $20.00 here.

For a sponge. Yes.

You’re makeup won’t look the same without it, though!


20.  Morphe Brushes Brush Sets

I don’t even know what to say about Morphe Brushes. I just- I can’t- I don’t- UGH.

These brushes are so perfect it’s infuriating. They come in different sets, they’re sold individually, they have a vegan option.

They’re just amazing. Period.

Because they sell brushes separately and in sets, the prices vary dramatically.

Like, very dramatically.

Price: $1.99 – $149.99 here.

Good quality brushes = beautiful makeup. No way around it.


I hope this helped you out on your cosmetic journey to makeup greatness!

Stay Beautiful~ <3

Ali is a enthusiastic individual here for all your beauty needs!
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