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Zach Kaufenberg ’16

Name: Zach Kaufenburg

Major: accounting

Year: senior ‘16

Age: I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 – I should get the senior discount, I’m old

Hometown: Redwood Falls, MN

Relationship status: single as a Pringle

Her Campus: Tell us about your experience with Delta Sigma Pi (DSP), and what has been your favorite part thus far?

Zach Kaufenburg: “Um, I have been a brother for over two years now and I have had a great experience. I have gotten to meet many great friends. I have had the opportunity to experience many great memories that will last a lifetime. I have also been able to grow as a professional, more than I could have ever imagined. I also love that I get to give back to something that I care so much about during my team here at Minnesota State.”

HC: How long have you been an active brother in DSP?

ZK: “Five semesters.”

HC: Have you held any positions in DSP? If so, what positions, and what were the duties of the positions?

ZK: “I’ve held three positions. I was VP of media communications for two semesters – in charge of maintaining the chapter’s social media and website, as well as assisting with various projects within the chapter. I was Halsey Chair for one semester – coordinated with the host chapter to plan events, also coordinated hotel and travel for the chapter. I am currently social chair of the chapter and I organize social events for the chapter so the brothers can build their relationships and get to know each other outside of our meetings and professional events.”

HC: Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?

ZK: “That’s a tough question because I honestly don’t know. I don’t even know what I’m going to do for dinner tonight.”

HC: When you’re not planning social events or getting the DSP symbol tattooed onto your arm, what can you be found doing?

ZK: “Most likely in the library studying up on accounting, or kicking back, enjoying a nice game of FIFA – that’s a soccer game for those of you who didn’t know. I would say I’m always on YouTube, but that doesn’t sound too good. I waste my life watching videos for hours… Wow I feel like you’re going to put that in there now.”

HC: Pick one: wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?

ZK: “Naked in Antarctica. I won’t say why other than I have swam in waters that were under 30 degrees. I am also a true Minnesota. I don’t like hot water.”

HC: So does that mean you take cold showers?

ZK: “I eat cold pizzas. I do take warm showers – 6:30am every day, Monday through Sunday. I don’t take any days off.”

HC: Are you involved in any other organizations besides DSP? If so, which ones?

ZK: “Nope – I like commitment to one.”

HC: Do you prefer the ladies to approach you, or do you prefer to approach them? Why?

ZK: [Smiling – face is turning red] “It’s a two-way-streak. I love it when they approach me, and I get nervous to approach girls sometimes. They always think that I am hitting on them. It’s like I’m a cat in the water – all poofed up, jumps out of the tub. That was a weird analogy. I’m an odd guy. I also have lame pick-up lines.

HC: What do you look for in a potential girlfriend?

ZK: “She has to have pretty eyes. I really notice them. The smile has to be killer. I am a sucker for big smiles and pretty eyes. Relationship wise, just having commitment 100% back. I have been burned in my life, so I expect them to not give up on me, because I won’t give up on them. And a sense of humor. I love giving people crap. They have to be able to dish up the jokes to me, and take my jokes. They can’t be too serious. I like a chill, calm gal. I don’t look for that much I guess. I don’t like drama – I like keeping it simple. She has to be able to make as good of cookies as my mama.”

HC: What are the biggest turnoffs in a girl that automatically make them non-girlfriend material for you?

ZK: “Drama. D-R-A-M-A! #ForReal #ByeFelicia. Also, respect my boundaries and support me. She has to get along with my friends.”

HC: What is your dream date that you would love to take a girl on?

ZK: “I would go grab a blanket, drive down a back road, listen to some country tunes, and lay the blanket out and watch the sunset. It’s the country boy in me coming out. I like things that aren’t general and cliché – eating out, movies.”

HC: How do you like your coffee?

ZK: “Basic – I love me some cream. I can drink it black. I’m kaufy, and without kaufy, life is depresso. You can’t even right now, I can tell. The best kind of creamer is the sugar cookie creamer.”

HC: If there was a movie made about your life, what would it be called? Who would play you? And what would the setting be?

ZK: “It would be boring because all I do is study. But I can be goofy as hell at times too. I would play myself, it would be a documentary. A boring routine about me waking up, get a cup of coffee, check social media. There are different sides of me. It’s hard to explain. In Mankato, I am the business type. At home I am the redneck and I have a fun time.”

HC: What is the craziest experience you have ever endured so far in your life?

ZK: “In high school I went skinny dipping and I lost my trunks at the bottom of the pond, in the middle of the day. I also saw a guy’s body lying on the ground in the middle of the street when I was in Chicago – that was depresso. I have also been drag racing in the winter on icy roads – speeds over 100mph.”

Final comments:

“I would be better at these types of interviews if I was drunk.

This is better than Tinder.”

Shaela Nelson (pronounced Shay-la), commonly referred to as Shae, is a Junior at Minnesota State University, Mankato, majoring in marketing and minoring in entrepreneurship. Shaela enjoys being a part of many organizations on campus, volunteering with animals and randomly busting out crazy dance moves. Being from the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," you can find her enjoying the lake-life while boating, at any given time of the summer - when she's not a nanny for her favorite kiddos. Shaela enjoys writing for Her Campus because it allows her to express herself and the many ideas she has. Life Motto: "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you imagined." -Henry David Thoreau
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