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YouTubers: The Best Beauty Gurus and Storytellers

If you’re anything like me, then you’re obsessed with watching beauty gurus and story times on YouTube. What can I say? Not only do I love to be entertained, but I love seeing some of my favorite gurus slay their faces. Girl, you’ll get TOP-NOTCH makeup advice and hear some of the funniest stories of your life while watching these YouTubers:  



First of all, do you see her? Melanin is popping.  All of Jackie Aina’s YouTube videos are related to make up with the exception of a few other videos. What I love most about Jackie is her knowledge about the makeup industry and products. She’s always trying new looks and kills it every time. Ladies, watch her if you want to learn new tips and tricks.  



Her name is Shayla, but its been changed to Slayla (that’s how much this girl slays).  Need I say more? When this girl comes, honey, she brings it. Yes, I am guilty of being an avid follower on ALL of social media accounts because, why not? She’s so humble and always camera ready. Shayla recently revamped her YouTube channel, so there are only a few videos on there. However, you can follow her on Instagram or Snapchat for mini makeup tutorials and posing seminars (you read right, posing seminars). 



Simply put, Jessi is damn funny. Every time I watch one of her videos I die from laughter, and I’m talking about mouth open and tears streaming. She tells her stories like it is and doesn’t try to sugar coat things to eliminate hard feelings. All I ask is that you check out her Horrible Online Dating Sex Story, the funniest story time of all time.  



Two words: pure comedy. Tana’s life is cray and the funniest but weirdest things happen to her DAILY. The best thing about her is that she is 100 percent herself on camera, and she doesn’t care what people think (you go girl). People either love her or hate her, but at the end she still stays true to herself. 



Not only is she a beauty guru, but also she has a ton of story times on her channel. In other words, she can teach you how to perfect your face and make you laugh. Another YouTuber who keeps it real with her story times. Her makeup is always flawless, no, actuallyshe’s flawless. What I love most about her is how humble and relatable she is.  


Now, go check out these YouTubers. 

Yes, like right now.  



I am a Senior at MNSU majoring in Mass Media (PR) and minoring in Marketing.  I love to blog about beauty and fashion.  I joined Her Campus because I wanted to join a group on campus that empowers women.   
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