Youtube: TagbackTv

TagbackTV is a channel on youtube, he streams everyday for typically 2 hours at a time. When Animal Crossing first came out he became a noticeable streamer, as that’s when most people found his channel. He streamed animal crossing for 2 hours each at 1:30 EST, and 5 EST. He sticks to that schedule unless something important comes up, and Tag has shifted away from animal crossing. Now he rarely plays it and focuses on new games like; Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Among Us, Spiderman: Miles Morales and so much more. 

Since switching from Animal crossing to more games, he has lost a majority of his viewers as that was the one thing they loved to see. However, Tag has an amazing community still! Tag has made a discord for both his members and non-members to chat when he is not live. Unlike in the youtube videos from other channels such as Markiplier, the interactions with the other fans typically don’t last long. But because Tag streams you typically get 2 hours to chat with him and the community making it nice to be able to contact them in the discord if you befriend someone from the chat.

Tag, like other Youtubers, have a members feature. But what exactly do you get from being a member? Being a member you get access to a super secret discord for members only, and you also get to watch member only streams (Which includes a game night typically every Thursday). While you get all those extra benefits, Tag is getting support from the community for being members allowing him to do more things, and getting to do Astrophotography. Tag has 824K subscribers as of 11/22/20, he is constantly growing and loves his community. He has adorable catch phrases, but I’ll leave those for you to find out! 

Be safe, and laugh a little <3