Youtube: Markiplier Edition

Content Creators are an important part of YouTube. Without them, we would have nothing to watch on the platform that a lot of us watch on a daily basis, sometimes at 3 A.M. after we got stuck in a hole and somehow ended up watching Troom Troom videos. One Creator has been getting extremely popular and has been for a while. Markiplier. He has a current subscriber count of 25.4 Million subscribers, and while he goes by the name Markiplier, his real name is Mark E. Fischbach. He started YouTube in 2012, with a Let’s Play of Amnesia which looks to no longer be available to view. It may be lost on his old channel which was abandoned due to complications with the YouTube system.


Mark does play many different types of games. From Resident Evil to playing Uno with friends, there is a large list of what he does play, but what he is most known for from a little while ago is being the KING of Five Nights Of Freddy’s. He does tend to play a lot of horror games from what I have watched, be he is really good about balancing out his videos. On Mark’s Channel, he released a video called “A Heist with Markiplier” where the viewer gets to decide what happens. It’s an interactive video that has 31 different endings that the player can find. Markiplier's channel has 12,861,116,188 views currently and it is constantly going up.


Markiplier is known for raising money for charities like many of his companion YouTubers. Mark does livestreams when he does charity videos and does them often. Now, I’m not entirely sure when he wants to, but looking over his past live streams he does a lot from November-December. One thing to note about Markiplier is that he does swear a bit,, okay, kind of a lot, so if you aren’t okay with that maybe steer clear of his channel, or give him a chance and see for yourself if you would like him! Mark is very kind and extremely funny, he is very caring plus he has a dog. 


Overall, Mark is one of my favorite YouTubers to watch, and to even have on in the background. He is well known in the Gamer verse and is just a sweet guy, I do highly recommend checking out his channel during the stay at home orders.