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Youtube has been a major part of my life since around middle school, and Jacksepticeye was just one of the many Youtubers I watched. That being said, Jacksepticeye also known as Sean McLoughlin does tend to have a dirty mouth. Sean joined youtube February 24th, 2007 but he didn’t start uploading tille November 12th 2012 after being inspired by Markiplier. Jack publishes a lot of play throughs and sketches on his channel, one of his most recent sketches “Chase” was uploaded 6 months ago. 


Jack’s channel has roughly 12,596,191,011 views and 23.8 million subscribers, his most known playthroughs are Undertale and Happy wheels. A lot of people really want Sean to bring back his Happy Wheel playthroughs but due to Youtube’s new rules Jack would risk getting demonitised. But playthroughs aren’t the only thing people know him for, he is also the green haired lad. Both Jack and Mark dyed their hair for charity together, Jack did green while Markiplier did red. Sean has raised $2,320,001 for charity alone, but once you look at how much he earned working with other youtubers it would add up to $4 million. 


In May of 2018 Jacksepticeye released a video playing the deadpool game with none-other than Ryan Reynolds. Having Ryan and Jack in the same room is a complete win, with Jack being super energetic and Ryan being the life of the party. Sean has a natural good attitude and has an amazing sense of humor.

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