Your Guide to Budget Clothing Shopping

    I get it, you are seeing trendy clothes all over Instagram or have been pinning cute outfits on Pinterest but you have no money. As college students, we are on strict budgets with our food and housing, so we cannot always afford to drop a chunk of money at Forever 21 or H&M. Now I know how great it is to have a new outfit, but it doesn’t mean you have to drop a whole paycheck on it.

    One of the things that you can always consider is going to thrift stores. There, you can pick up a classic men’s flannel for cheap and even recreate it into something new and exciting to spice up your winter wardrobe. There are always some hidden finds at thrift stores, I mean why else would there be a song about it. I have gotten a lot of great stuff for a really cheap penny.

    Another way, and I cannot stress this enough, is through sales. That’s right, you need to look for those cheap deals at some of your favorite stores. I was just at Target tonight flipping through the clearance section and while there were some duds, I definitely found some great stuff that is way cheaper than what it was full price. I know that you can sign up for text messages through different stores and many of them will give you the first access to sales.

    I know that this next one seems a little weird but another resource you have for cheap clothing is Facebook Marketplace. This recently just became a little more popular and you can search in your area. With this be safe and meet in a public place but you can find some nice clothing for cheap from people near you. Now this is very limited, and you can also join different groups on Facebook that are for different areas around you and many of them are for just clothing.

    A final way that you could save some money is through different apps. I know that Poshmark is like Facebook Marketplace but you look at different people and what they are selling. I recently downloaded Honey for my Google Chrome and it offers some coupons and makes sure that you get the best price. It even works for some pizza places that you can buy with the money that you saved from the clothing deals.

    So look for the deals and work that college budget by getting yourself clothing on a budget and finding smart ways to save money while getting you’re getting a new fashion. You do not have to break the bank for fashion, you can do that after you get your high paying job after college.