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Record players have been around for 70 plus years and their popularity is growing.They are becoming a pretty big deal. My grandparents still have old records that I’ve looked through and played and they still sound amazing. A couple of my friends have a record player as well and we share music genres with each other. I’ve noticed a small community has formed more so with millennials or young adults recently. Vinyl, 45’s, records or whatever else you call them, are something special. For those of us that have our own record players, we have a certain knack for vintage and here’s why.


No other music sounds as vintage as record players.

Whether you buy new 45’s or play old ones, the all have that crackle sound while the entire vinyl plays through. New vinyl like Post Malone and Halsey, sound exceptional with a little crackle giving the feel of older vibes. Listening to records makes me feel so relaxed and happy. It’s a hippy old-soul mood and I love it.


You can buy old or new music.

One really amazing aspect of having a record player is buying old and new music. What’s even better is the older music is super cheap. I love listening to Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley. I’ve found their vinyl anywhere from $5-10 at my local record shop. The new music happens to be very expensive since vinyl has become more popular, but it’s so worth it. You can find new and used vinyl at any record store, Barnes and Noble and most thrift stores.


Finding old record players or trinkets.

I recently bought a 1960s record player at a thrift store for $15! I plugged it in to make sure it would work. There were a few fixes but I thought it was worth it. I was able to get it working without paying to adjust it and it sounds amazing. The speaker is big and so is the entire player but it was the best $15 I’ve spent. Hunt for an older record player and make your life even more vintage. You could also find other things like vinyl holders, or boxes to keep them in. Even stickers, brands of record players and maybe more!

If listening to vinyl is a hobby of yours you may have a little old soul in you too. If you want to have a little crackle in your music, consider checking out record players! You can buy them online and the solid players around $60-$100, but those will play the best sounds. Build the community and old souls, maybe it will bring more peace to the world.

My name is Nicole Hallman. I am a junior at MNSU and will be graduating in fall 2019. I'm majoring in mass media and minoring in communication studies. My hobbies consist of drinking coffee, traveling and cuddling with my dog Saul. 
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