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Why Looking Nice for Class Can Benefit You

The most common trait of college students is that a majority wake up and go to class by putting very little effort in physical appearance. While this option may seem the most appealing in the moment, it may not be the best decision for multiple reasons. Here are some ideas that may convince you that getting ready for the day may be in your best interest:

You never know when you’re going to run into your Tinder match on campus.

That awkward moment when you’re in sweats and a sweatshirt with no makeup and have truly messy “messy bun,” and you run into the super cute person you matched with on Tinder. Avoid this type of run-in by always being prepared to run into whoever you may have a crush on.

Look good, feel good.

We’ve heard it all before and it never fails to be true. When you go to class looking like a rock star you are going to feel like one. This added confidence can help make all the difference in your grades and confidence. Dress nicely for yourself, you deserve it.

Be that girl.

Let’s be real, there are two main reasons why we dress nice on campus: to make other people jealous and to make ourselves feel good. Do you ever walk around and see those girls that look absolutely flawless every day and wonder how they do it? You can be that girl. The added time it takes to get ready in the morning can make all the difference. Try planning your outfit out the night before so all you need to do is throw it on.

Dress to impress.

The connections you make in college can lead to jobs and opportunities in the future. Many of the connections you’re going to make are professors and advisors that are on campus. These individuals are more likely to think highly of those who come to class and campus looking prepared. By putting in the extra effort you can make a good impression and open new doors for yourself without needing to say a word.

Do it for you.

Looking nice for class doesn’t mean having the most expensive clothes or wearing the nicest things in your closet each and every day because let’s face it, that would be impossible. Putting on what makes you feel the most confident person you can be is what matters. Dress for yourself and you’ll be able to achieve more than you ever thought possible. 

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