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My mom started taking me to concerts when I was old enough to enjoy them (unless you want to count The Wiggles live with I was 4). I remember my first show specifically and it was the 2010 Taylor Swift Fearless Tour. My concert history is extensive (53 and counting) and definitely shows my change in music taste throughout the years. However, it’s taught me a couple of important things.

Starting with the biggest lesson, and the one I definitely live by the most, just live in the moment. It’s not every day that you get to hear the songs you’ve been listening to through streaming apps for whatever amount of time and witness the artist that you’ve probably been a fan of for however long. Take in the songs and the atmosphere and enjoy it! Dance and sing and scream your heart out. I promise you that you’ll enjoy the show much more by being present in the moment rather than watching the whole performance through the screen of your device. Living in the moment is definitely an important motto to apply to your everyday life as well. Especially with today’s dependency on social media platforms. Being present at not only shows but in life is so vital. 

As the years and my music taste has progressed, I’ve started attending more general admission concerts where the floor is open and you don’t need to worry about seats. This introduced me to patience is a virtue aspect! GA is everyone buying a ticket and then it’s first come first serve. There will be lines and respect the people who have been waiting in those lines forever. There’s nothing more frustrating than dedicating your whole day to wait in line to see your favorite artist and then have someone either cut in line or push their way up to the front. If you want to be in front you got to dedicate the time and be patient! If you take a breath and slow down and just wait, it’ll all be worth it in the end. Not just waiting in line for a concert or for merch, but it can always be applied to life. Just slow down and enjoy it.

    Last but certainly not least, concerts are a happy place! I’ve never felt such happiness or adrenaline than I have dancing my heart out at my favorite venue to my favorite band. Live music is supposed to be an escape and a safe place and that’s why it’s so important. Imagine your happy place being a room full of like-minded people with kickass music tastes all dancing and singing to the same songs and tell me why that wouldn’t be the best and more memorable moment. That moment sticks with you.


    To all the lifelong friends, memories and stories I’ve gathered from these shows, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


Hi! My names Maddy and I'm a junior majoring in communication studies and minoring in gender and women studies as well as art. Feminism and environmentalism are very important to me and some other things I enjoy are coffee, photography, plants and concerts.
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