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Why It is More Than Okay to Move Farther Away From Home


As humans, we all go through some sorts of major life changes. We are all aging creatures in a society that slows down for no one. With that being said, all of these life changes we go through, vary. Not all of us will or want to go back home after college; not all of us graduate college; go to college; etc. It is more than okay to stay home during big life changes. Home is, in my opinion, where a loving, comforting and caring family is. A home can help with change, but it can also hold you back. My point is, you don’t always have to go home to be financially, mentally or socially okay.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.


Being away from your family makes you miss them like crazy. This is much better than spending too much time with them and not being able to stand them for one more second. The rare moments you will get to spend with them over holidays or random occasion will mean so much.


Handling issues on your own is fulfilling.

We all run into obstacles in our lives and it can be scary. However, there is no better feeling than overcoming an obstacle without desperately needing Mom to calm you down. It means you’re growing up!


Home is just a phone call away.

In moments where you absolutely need Mom to calm you down, just call her! That is the great thing about our generation, technology just keeps getting better and better, along with communication.


Umm, road trips are bomb!

Now, if you don’t like jamming out to music in a car, this reason might not help you out.


You will inspire others.

I was inspired by independent women that went out after college and got themselves careers. I wanted to be able to know that I could have the ability to get myself a job and be amazing at it.


You’re growing up, my dear.

Being away from home, away from everyone that raised you, means you are spreading your wings, a sure sign of growing up.

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