Where did the Time go?

I just finished my second week of classes as a senior. Before school began, I had some time to reflect on my past three years here at Minnesota State Mankato. Here I have created some of my favorite memories, met some of my best friends and have essentially “grown up”. When they say college is the best four years of your life, they are not lying. What I have noticed about myself is that I always am looking forward to the “next thing”. For example, my mindset right now is I cannot wait to get done with school. But next year at this time when I (hopefully) have a full time job, I will be wishing I was still in college living and being with my best friends. I often find myself thinking, where did the time go? I swear I was just moving into Julia Sears last year and now I am a senior?

 As I had previously mentioned,  I often find myself thinking about the “next thing”. But what I am trying to work on is living in the moment, because all moments count. Sometimes I stop and think how can this be? I had an internship this summer has a HR Coordinator at a company called Syngenta. They offered me a full time position here in Mankato to be the new HR representative coordinator. I am beyond thankful, but at the same time I am almost scared because I feel like time is just flying by. I am looking forward to my last year here at MNSU. All of the “lasts” have already begun and like I said, its the scariest but the best feeling in the world. If I had to give advice to the incoming freshman I would say enjoy every moment you can even when you want to give up, trust me everything gets better and will workout. Just believe in yourself and this incredible journey.