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What Your Favorite Halloween Candy Says About You

Halloween is upon us! Spooky season means watching scary movies, dressing up, and eating sweets. And since my favorite time of year is creeping up, I want to cover what your favorite Halloween candy says about you. 

First up on the list, chocolate flavored candies. Those who also prefer this type of sweet, are the mothers of the friend group. They prefer the richer things in life and the smooth side of things. They also like to be prepared because of this they don’t like surprises. If candy isn’t labeled to have nuts in them, it can catch a chocolate fan off guard. 

Next, are the hard candies. It can be a cliche that these are “grandma’s candy” but there is some truth to it. These people like the calm things in life and tend to go with the flow. They like to have something to chew on, so they are often snackers at heart. But other than their eating habits, they are sweethearts. They are great listeners and companions.  

Finally, the sweet and sour candies. The folks who like these are the wild child so to speak. They are quite often the opposite of the two groups of people above. I bet each chocolate or hard candy person has a friend that prefers sweet and sour candies. These people thrive off of the unknown. They love to go on adventures and try new things. 

These are just examples that I have come up with that are supposed to be light-hearted and fun. By no means is it to be taken seriously. Let me know if I got the characteristics right about you or if I was way off!

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