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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

It’s one thing to travel the world and experience the different lifestyles and cultures it holds, but it’s another thing to take a piece of the world and spread it, spread it, spread it! Serengetee is an organization that derives from their mission to “Wear The World”.

It all started with two college students studying abroad and their love for travel. They started collecting fabric from around the world with hopes to positively change the world in return. They have collected fabric from over 25 countries and are continuously expanding.

The fabric they buy not only provides people with fashionable clothing and accessories, but also supports artisans and their families around the world. Aside from that, 10% of their profits are dedicated to certain causes such as Animal Rights, Clean Water, Education, Health and many more. Serengetee makes all of their clothing in L.A., which helps to provide more job opportunities for Americans as well.

From pocket tees to headwear and bags, Serengetee makes sure that all your needs are covered. They have an entire section dedicated to travel, their very own Elephant Shop. The Elephant Shop carries hats, shirts, notebooks, phone cases and much much more. With their slogan “Travel More,” prominently placed on each item, it serves as a constant reminder that there is so much out there yet to be explored.

Overall, this organization has done everything in its power to stretch a helping hand to the farthest corners of the world, without forgetting where its roots are planted. Students around the world continue to join Serengetee and become representatives of such a powerful movement. Check out their website and see for yourself, or even apply to be a Serengetee Rep today!



Lindsay is Vice President of Her Campus MNSU and is currently in her third year at MNSU, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis on Psychology, Sociology and Corrections. She loves to write, which makes being a part of Her Campus one of her favorite things. Aside from writing, Lindsay enjoys collaborating, helping and teaching others.