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After finding the Ad on YouTube I bought the “Fitness Extreme Program” in that program they have it so you can choose from At home workouts and Gym workouts. I choose to do the at home workouts since of COVID-19, which each of those workouts is a video. You do the workouts with Vince Sant, and they take roughly 18 minutes each time. You do 3 sets of workouts, in each set you do the same 3 workouts for a minute each with a minute break to break up the sets. Now that might have been a little confusing to read so I’m going to try and break it down.


The First Set

  • 1st workout

  • 2nd workout

  • 3rd workout

- One minute break - then the circuit restarts


Then it repeats two more times. They take about 15-18 minutes per workout and all you have to do is follow it everyday for 3 months. I personally really love it and it doesn’t take much time of my day which has always been an issue with working out. I have not done the gym workouts since they have been closed mostly, so I don’t know how those ones work. They also have a Facebook group for you to interact with the people inside of it doing the same workouts as you, I think the program was just what I needed and I really enjoy doing it!


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