Thoughts on Colton’s Season of the Bachelor

The heartthrob, heart-eye bachelor Colton Underwood is already down to his final seven on this season’s dating show. The fact that he is a virgin has been an ongoing subject that the women are talking about this season. While watching, I have a couple of favorite contestants  I could see as front runners to be the love of his life and maybe, just maybe, take that V card of his. He has had his fair share of some crazy women or women there just for the drama, but in this article I will tell you my favorites and ones I think he may go on one knee for by the end of the season.



MY FAVORITE! She is such a cutie and their chemistry is sooo real. She had a one-on-one date in Thailand. I think it would be hard for anyone not to see the chemistry that these two have together. You can tell they are both crazy about each other and simply cannot keep their hands to themselves. She even stated this past week she feels like she has known Colton forever.


Hannah G:

Another frontrunner, I believe. She got the first impression rose on the first night they met and not to mention Colton and her cannot keep their hands off each other either. These two had their one-on-one date last week in Vietnam and she spent the whole day with him getting pampered at the spa. JEALOUS! The conversation in the date was not necessarily all there and it was a little harder for her to open up it seems, buuut all the physical connection is there. She will be one to keep an eye on these upcoming weeks!



She is also a virgin and Colton was even her first kiss – like say whaaat! But I believe she is   another girl to keep an eye on. They had a one-on-one two weeks ago, hopefully in this next week’s episode their connection is still there. Rooting for ya Heather!


The Pageant Girls:

Hannah B. and Caelynn:

Colton has had his eyes on both these gorgeous contestants! They did have disagreements and cause some friction in the house the first couple weeks, but over time they have gotten over their disputes – from what we see anyways. These two women both have strong connections with Colton, but when I look back at Hannah B. and Colton’s first one on one, all I can scream is aaawkaward. Their conversation was not there at all. His and Caelynn’s date, on the other hand, was much more conversation-oriented and she did open up to him quite a bit about a piece of her past.


Last but not least, Tayshia:

She was awarded the group date rose last week for being completely open and honest with Colton and she even turned to Kirpa, stating that she thinks both her and Kirpa will be the final two… I don’t know if she knows something we don’t, so we will have to see!


Now that the women are starting to leave and Colton is having fewer and fewer contestants, it will be interesting to see where this season goes!