Study Abroad and Make Your Dreams a Reality!

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? Maybe it just sounds like that crazy idea you’ve heard people talk about and you know you would never do it . . . but what if you did? What if you said yes to the biggest adventure of your life?


Traveling is such a rewarding experience. There are so many places to explore and tons of different cultures to immerse yourself in, so take a step outside of your comfort zone - you just might never go back!


When would be better time to travel than in college? Once you graduate and get locked into a full time job, you might not have another opportunity to travel for quite some time, so now is the time to go!


This is also the perfect opportunity to find yourself. There’s something freeing about being on your own and exploring a new country without anything holding you back. Studying abroad allows you to gain the independence you need and gives you the amazing opportunity to develop yourself and grow in ways you would have never thought possible!


Studying abroad also introduces you to a level of friendship like no other. When else can you say you have been lost in a foreign country, missed your train, or tried something that wasn’t even legal where you’re from, all with people you just met? All these crazy experiences and memories you come back with bring you close and lead to lifelong friendships with students from all over the globe!


Let’s not forget about the educational benefits of studying abroad, because after all, the whole point of going is to learn! If you’re studying a language in college, or just think it would be cool to take one up, then studying abroad is for you! Even if you aren’t majoring in a language, chances are, your program has its own study abroad program or partner organizations they can get you set up with. Many of these programs even offer the full 18 credits to be taken abroad, so why not get a head start on your major? You will never regret the experience!


So maybe I’ve got you going . . . it sounds great and all, but you can’t stop wondering about how you would be able to pay for it. Thankfully there are many scholarship opportunities available for studying abroad. Check with your university’s study abroad department, opportunities in your major, or even just look online for opportunities. It never hurts to apply!


You can also save money by being more frugal once you get there. There are plenty of free or low cost activities you can do and still have fun - it’s all what you make of it! The cost may seem like a lot at first, but think of it as an investment in your future. You are giving yourself the freedom to go out and explore the world. Do something crazy, try something you never thought you would do, go out and meet some natives - this is your opportunity to make your dreams a reality!