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In my last Star Wars article we talked about the movie: Solo. The next show in the Star Wars timeline is the show called, Rebels. Now this show features a young boy named Ezra, and is typically the main character and you normally follow him. However, it also follows a crew. The show takes place after orders 66, a few years after it but it is before “A New Hope” as Obi-Wan does appear in the series watching over a small Luke. The series started releasing episodes in 2014 and ended the series in 2017.


The plot of the series is setting up the rebellions in a sense. While we do watch Ezra become a jedi, they are also showing how the rebels started to get together and started fighting the empire. We also get to see how Jedi lived after the order if they survived, which brings us to meeting inquisitors. They were hired by the empire to hunt down the remaining jedi, to attempt keeping the throne to themselves and not worrying about the jedi trying to plan their downfall.


In Rebels, they bring back a lot of old characters from the movies and TV shows. You see Ahsoka, Red, Obi-Wan, Leia, Darth maul, and more. You are shown new plants that you don’t get to see in movies, like the beautiful planet of Lothal. You see an amazing ship called “The Ghost” now this ship is one of the best ones in the galaxy. While they are fighting the empire they can leave the systems and jump back minutes later by a different area and the imperial ships wouldn’t notice they came back; but how? The ship is able to jambling it’s frequency and it’s code, allowing it to fool the imperial computers. If only they looked outside the window they might know it’s a rebel ship.


Lastly, you get to see another amazing bond between padawan and masters. You saw it with Anakin and Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka, and now with Ezra and Kanan. It’s a really fun show to watch and enjoy, don’t let the style of the cartoon make you not watch it. You see a lot of things tie together that might help in the future, plus you meet some fun characters. 


Till the next time, May the force be with you.


Sarah is a writer at MNSU Her Campus, this is her second year with Her campus. Sarah is a Sophmore at MNSU and is Majoring in Creative Writing, she hopes to one day write novels to make people happy and to inspire. She is currently working on a few stories and toying with novel ideas.
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