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Songs That Will Make You Love Being a Woman

As someone who connects with music on a deep level, and has playlists for every kind of mood, I think it’s time for one to listen to when the patriarchy is getting you down. For the record, I had to refrain from putting cheetah girls on here because come on, “Cinderella” was the original “I don’t need no man” song. These are just a couple songs that stuck out and if you click on the title of the song it will take you to the music video!

Smile More” by Deap Vally

One of my very favorite songs for when I’m just fed up with misogyny is called “Smile More” by Deap Vally from their album “Femejism”. For the days you are angry enough to want to “break some shit and sniff some glue”. Lindsey Troy comes in with her grunge style vocals to remind everyone that the only person you need to please is yourself.

“I am not ashamed of my mental state And I am not ashamed of my body weight And I am not ashamed of my rage And I am not ashamed of my age And I am not ashamed of my sex life”

“Let ‘Em Say” by Lizzo and Caroline Smith

Both Caroline Smith and Lizzo came from Minnesota. They’re strong independent women for all of us to look up to. In the description of the music video for “Let ‘Em Say they write “In celebration of all the ladies out there that were told they were “too this” and “not enough that”; All of the mamas out there busting their asses; All of the women out there that make us proud to hold a microphone.”

Some lovely samples of the lyrics:

“Your comments leave me such a nasty taste Can’t feel the sound Swish all around A palette-cleanser for your salty mouth”

“I wish it was easy Trying to work like a boss but They keep shaking my patience Don’t wanna think like a man Or look like a model”

Plus, if you use this link to download the song, proceeds benefit the Women’s Foundation of MN.

“Secrets” by Mary Lambert

Some of you may remember Mary Lambert from her part in the song Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, where her beautiful voice sings “I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to”, and “love is patient, love is kind”. She is an amazing solo artist who wrote this song about all of the things that women were taught to be ashamed of.

“They tell us from the time we’re young To hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves Inside ourselves I know I’m not the only one Who spent so long attempting to be someone else Well I’m over it”

My personal favorite lines? “I love my butt and won’t shut up And I never really grew up”.

“Hard Out Here” by Lily Allen

This song is the ultimate revolt against society’s expectations on beauty. The video plays off of the over sexualized music videos that you usually see with half dressed women dancing on cars and shining hubcaps. Allen is completely done with the objectification of women. We get a firsthand look when she dances in front of silver balloons that spell out “Lily Allen has a baggy p***y”.

“Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard out here for a bitch”

Half about Being a Woman” by Caroline Smith

We slow it down with this track. This song discusses the other, less discussed side of being a woman. The video is especially powerful, we see the aftermath of a breakup with Caroline on her knees begging the man to stay. The camera pans over to another Caroline who gets up and pulls her vulnerable other-half up and out the door.

In the description of her video for this song, Smith says “The other side of strength. As women, we have this wonderfully complicated duality in us – sometimes we feel strong, and sometimes we feel weak. We often resent our vulnerabilities but have to face them in order to move on and shamelessly accept ourselves. This is what being a woman is all about.”


Now go arm yourself with your own girl power playlist and conquer the world.

My name is Sam and I was the Senior Editor for Her Campus MNSU from 2016-2017! I have a degree in English Studies with an emphasis in Technical Communications. My goal as editor was to help my writers keep their voice in their writing and not be afraid to write about what matters to them. If you come across my writing, it will contain excessive sarcasm, terrible puns, feminist thoughts, and lots of opinions.
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