Slow it Down, Soak it In

Luke Bryan has it right with his new song Fast. As we get older, 60 seconds really does start to feel more like 30. Being in college, it can feel like we never get a chance to slow down. Then again, isn’t that what this part of our life is about; Doing all that we can while we can and making the most of it? But what about the things we are missing along with way? Sometimes we need a reminder to slow it down, soak it in and enjoy the moment.

Siblings are often a big indicator of our lives moving too fast. One day you will come home to a little brother who towers over you and suddenly sounds more like a dad than a sister. We often have this mindset that our little brothers and sisters will forever be little – until one day, they’re not and it’s too late. Don’t forget to cherish their childhood with them and watch them grow up rather than coming home one day to find that they’ve already grown. Be present in their lives and hold them close, before you know it they’ll be off to college too; but they’ll know to keep in touch because they watched you.

We’ve watched our parents grow up since we were little, but we’ve always watched them grow up as parents. Now, most of us have an entirely new relationship with them that allows us to watch them grow as friends. We no longer dread the phone calls asking where we are or what we are doing – in my case, most of the time I’m the one calling to tell them before they even ask.  But as we are in such a hurry to grow up, we can’t forget that they are growing older too (but not my mom, of course, she’ll always be 29). Take the time to listen to their stories just as much as they listen to yours, and once in awhile, try treating them to lunch instead.

Aside from taking the time to cherish the moments with family, we also need to slow down to cherish the moments we are in while we are in them. Cherish the old friends that check in on you every once in awhile, the new friends that want to make plans with you and the roommates that stay up late watching New Girl with you.

Unfortunately, this time in our lives won’t last forever, no matter how much we want it to. So take it in while you can, make those 30 seconds feel more 60 and make the good times last. Don’t let Luke Bryan fool you – it can be done.