The Six Pairs of Panties Every Lady Needs

Okay, ladies, let’s get real; we all have different types of underwear we use for different situations, so let’s break down the six most important kinds of underwear every lady needs.


The “I’m a Lady Boss” Panties

Do you have a huge test today? Worse, a speech? Or maybe an important meeting? That’s where Lady Boss Panties come in. Get a comfortable yet stylish pair that’ll make you feel like you can take on the world, such as this Flora Lace Cheekini Panty from Victoria’s Secret.  

The “It’s a Wednesday” Panties

This is the type of underwear that every lady needs for a casual day. Sitting through a boring lecture, studying in the library, or grabbing a cup of coffee, you need a pair that’ll stay comfortable throughout the day. Check out these Hiphugger Panties, which give the booty enough coverage while still being super cute and available in a ton of different colors and patterns.


The “Damn, I’m Sexy” Panties

Any explanation needed? With a name like Strappy Ring Cheeky Panty, I don’t think these panties need much more of a description. You’ll definitely be feeling yourself whenever you put a pair like these on.


The “It’s that Time of the Month” Panties

The time of the month requires some panties that you could ruin and wouldn’t really care. Check out these Cotton Hipsters from Target, which come in a pack for a good price. They may not be the cutest, but let’s be real; does it really matter when all you want to do is eat a bunch of chocolate?



The “I’ve Been Working on My Squats” Panties

Girl, we can see the effort you’ve been making at the gym! What’s your secret? Did you do the 30 day squat challenge? Show off that booty with these Logo Cheeky Panties which are adorably sporty and are made from a super comfortable and stretchable cotton.


The “It’s a Windy Day” Panties

Honestly, I’m not sure how practical this category is, but you never know! With these windy fall days, a nice pair of shorties, like these Shortie Panties, will keep you covered when you want to wear that new skirt you just picked up, even with that dangerous wind we have.


There you have it! The six types of panties every lady needs, all in a nice list for you. Now get out there and rock every situation with a rockin’ pair of undies!