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Single and Taken: The Best of Both Parts

I had the pleasure of interviewing Hailey Bodell (21) living in Mankato, MN, and Annie Christenson (21) living in Lincoln, NE, about their current relationship statuses and how they are perfectly happy with them.



Hailey Bodell and her boyfriend are both living and going to school in Mankato. They are high school sweethearts, working on getting an education that will lead them to a future they both want together. I asked Bodell what her favorite parts of being in a relationship are and her first response was, “having someone who always knows how to make me smile. It’s basic but it’s 100% true.” She also said that she enjoys having someone that is loyal, that offers support, and that offers comfort. She loves having someone that is able to be lazy with her but makes those lazy moments the most fun ones as well. “It’s awesome because everything you do is a date, whether or not they are extravagant.”



Annie Christenson, on the other hand, had nothing but great things to say about living the single life. I asked her the same question as Bodell, but in regards to being single, and she responded with, “Freedom.” She loves being able to talk to everyone and not feel nervous about her significant other getting jealous. “It is so satisfying to know that I don’t have to come home to anyone except myself. I have no one to impress and that is perfectly fine with me.” She enjoys the comfort of knowing that no one will get the opportunity to cheat on her while she is single because it has been a traumatic issue in her past.

These two girls are both great friends of mine and it is comforting to know that they have positive things to say about their personal lives and are truly happy.


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