Should You Take the Plunge into Black Mirror?


Now, I am sure many of you have heard of the show Black Mirror on Netflix. It is a show about what happens when technology becomes more prominent and bigger in our everyday lives. I know that there has been a lot of hype and it even produced a movie of some sort as well, a choose-your-own-adventure kinda thing. So, why all the hype? And should you take the plunge and dive into the world that could potentially be our future?

Black Mirror isn’t like other shows in the way that it does not revolve around one story plot. You can start from either season four or season one or even somewhere in the middle. I like my stories to go in order and to watch it from season one, episode one. I was so confused by the whole plot; there was no point to the episode and I realized it was just one story. The stories keep going and one by one they go deeper into the future and how technology will change and make our lives better and easier. Or so they want you to think.

The show captures our biggest fear into small bite-size hours. It shows us that if we keep digging into the future, a thing might happen or it might not. I honestly was intrigued by the whole show, the way it was set up and the way that I was hooked into each little story. I think that if you are into shows that make you think and make you curious about the world around you, you should dig into this show. Figure out your own meaning for each episode and figure out how you will protect yourself from each different thing that could happen.