Shane Dawson's New Series is Shattering Beauty Walls

On October 1st, Shane Dawson dropped the one hour introduction video to his second series with Jeffree Star. 

Two days later, Shane dropped the second part in the series.

Within two days, the atmosphere of the beauty world had been shook not once, but twice. 

Just following Shane's first series with Jeffree, many were begging for a second part. He did not hold back with taking that right up and began filming right away. In the second series, Shane and Jeffree began filming just after New Year 2019 and this series is set to pull back the many layers of not only who Jeffree is, but what the beauty world is all about. 

Shane is known for his conspiracy videos, series following other large 'scandals', and so much more. However, this new series is one for the books. Prior to this, not much had been reveled about money, deals, production and everything else surrounding the beauty industry. Shane and Jeffree have both promised to revel everything and in the first two parts, have lived up to such a deal. 

In part two of "Secrets of the Beauty World", Jeffree began to reveal what production costs for his brand and the amount he takes home from a launch. From his recent "Blood Sugar" launch, Jeffree revealed that he took home nearly $23 million when all was said and done. This is a huge revelation when it comes to uncovering what big brands bring home when launching new products. 

Besides that being the largest cup of 'tea' that was talked about during part two, Jeffree and Shane also discussed numbers when it came to their own collaboration. They both then made reference to Too Faced and Nikkie De Jager (NikkieTutorials) famed 2016 collaboration. In this, it came to light that Nikkie only made a flat fee of $50,000 while Too Faced went on to make over $10 million on their 'collaboration'. Jeffree and Shane backtracked to discussing their percentages and without saying too much, Shane's take home would be much larger than ever thought or what many brands pay for other collaborations. 

So, what will we see from part three of this nine part series? That's yet to be told. Shane nor Jeffree have yet announced a drop date for part three or any of the remaining series. 

What will we see? Also a great question. As this is following the time line of the massive break down and 'cancellation' of many large beauty YouTubers, I'm sure we will see this timelined within the series as well. Many theories also say that the ending will also come with the launch of Jeffree and Shane's pallet collaboration. 

Any thoughts on what's to come? Let us know! Stay close, because we're sure to cover the rest of this epic series.