Reasons to Remain Sober

Have you ever felt like the odd-man-out for turning down a drink at a party, or even avoided attending them because you fear being questioned and judged by your friends? This can quickly become an overly-awkward situation, but what is often more uncomfortable is when you feel the need to constantly justify your reasoning. If this feels like a personal struggle of yours, and you’re considering conforming to fit those of everyone else because of this pressure, here are a few reasons you may have made your decision, and a reminder why it’s a decision that’s important for you. From a young age, we’ve seen adults drinking to have a good time - it’s been a universal belief that alcohol and other substances are used to enhance a situation since before we even knew the difference between root beer and Budweiser. Sure, these can take pressure off you for a little while, which makes the night a little more fun, but when you come back down to earth you might find that the high isn’t worth making your world feel so low. These drugs aren’t necessary used to have a good time; you can find fun in any situation if you allow yourself to. It can be a lot more fun to make lasting memories than to wake up with no recollection of where you are or how you got there. A friend of mine, Andrew, touched briefly on why it’s important for him to never become dependent on a drug. “Never reach a point in your life where you are unhappy when you’re not consuming a substance that lowers your inhibitions.” A lot of people see these intoxicating drugs as a way out of their day-to-day life, and to alter who they are. Maybe they find that they like who they become when they are under the influence better than they like themselves sober. This is a trap in a set of mental games that nobody should ever need to fall into. If you find yourself in this situation, you may find that you want to take a step away from the drugs, take time to focus on what is important to you in your life, and seek treatment if necessary. Talking through problems can have a huge impact on your life rather than turning towards substance abuse. “If you drink because of the pressure, you are ultimately drinking because you want to – because you want to fit in and be cool. Be assured that your actions are supported by the values you hold yourself accountable to or you will have regrets,” Andrew said regarding peer pressure. If you are considering caving to any peer pressure you may be facing, realize that you may not be surrounding yourself with people that are worth your friendship. Just as their decision to use these drugs align with their lifestyle choices, your decision to abstain from them is just as valid, and you deserve respect for your choices. Remember that you don’t need to please anyone else, just yourself. Take pride in your decisions, and stick to what you believe in.