The Reality of Heterosexual Sex

Sex is something that no one wants to talk about out loud. So, we google and race to the internet about what is normal or not. First off, sex is normal. Your body craves sex you are human. Here are five things that happen during heterosexual (penis/vagina)  sex that are normal. 


  1. Slipping out

    1. 100% normal. When you get going and body parts are moving fast, yes things can slip out from where you want to be. I recommend either switching position or just putting it back in and keep going. Also, remember it’s no one’s fault. 

  2. Noises 

    1. Your body makes all throughout the day, why not during sex? Don’t be ashamed if your body makes some noise just let it happen and keep on going. If you are with the right partner, it won’t matter what noises your body is making.

  3. Aunt Flo Arrives 

    1. First off, don’t be ashamed. Society says to be ashamed of our menstrual periods but don’t let society tell you what is wrong or right. Also, having period sex is said to reduce period cramps and it also is said to reduce the length of your period as well. It might relieve your period headache. It also acts as natural lubrication.  Just shower off and lay down a towel for round two.     

  4.  You don’t have any flowing down there

    1. That’s why lube was invented. Also, remember to take things slow. Foreplay is key in this situation.  Lube prolongs lovemaking sessions, reduces friction, provides better foreplay, and improves sexual life. First things first: Lubricant can be classified into four major categories: water, oil, petroleum, or silicone. Water-based is the safest option if you’re using condoms (it won’t break down the rubber, while oil or petroleum lubes can), plus it’s the easiest to clean up and wash off. You can lube for many things including handjobs, fingering, cunnilingus, humping, penetrative sex, orgasms, masturbation, and anal intercourse. 

  5. The infamous wet spot (also known as female ejaculation) 

    1. Don’t be ashamed of your puddle, that a puddle of pride. Women range in how wet they get during sex, from a little wet to completely squirting liquid across the bed as they orgasm. It’s also a sign of good sex.  Just grab a towel and clean yourself up and get ready for round two.