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Let’s talk about music.  If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that 2020 was one of the most mentally draining years.  Music was my escape when I was feeling bored, unmotivated, or lost throughout the year, which let me tell you, was often.  Today technology makes it so easy for people to connect through their interests and hobbies like music.  I am lucky enough to have both Spotify and Apple music.  As someone who is active on both, I think that each platform has its different strengths.  Spotify for example makes it easy to explore newer music, while Apple music in my opinion is a much more organized platform.  I know that people are pretty set in their ways on how they can stream their music, but all in all both platforms have the same purpose which is to allow you to listen to your favorite songs as well as create playlists with them.


I have a playlist for homework, motivation, company, and even one that will put me “in my feels”.  As college students we all have days where we really need to grind out some assignments, so my homework playlist is perfect for background noise.   It consists of slower and instrumental music that isn’t too distracting but will keep me from working in silence.  On the flip side of that I have my motivation playlist which is a MUST when I’m cleaning, organizing, or exercising.  It consists of my favorite rap songs or throwbacks that pump me up and make me want to get things accomplished.  I also have several playlists for when I have company with me.  The reason I have more than one is because I think that every friend or friend group has a different “vibe” and I think that a good playlist that matches that vibe can make your time with someone so much more enjoyable.  And lastly, I even have a playlist that is specifically designed to put me “in my feels”.  For myself, listening to music that can make you feel emotional can be so therapeutic and comforting at times.  All of my playlists are designed to make me feel a certain way or to motivate me to get something done.  Music is very powerful and in my opinion, there is nothing better than a playlist that is full of songs that will allow you to escape or feel at peace in this crazy time we’re living in.


Crystal Morton

Minnesota '22

Hello, my name is Crystal:)
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