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PJ Piotrowski ’16

Name: PJ Piotrowski

Hometown: Hastings, Minnesota.

Year: senior

Major: exercise science, pre-med.

Relationship status: single

HC: What activities are you involved in on campus?

PJ Piotrowski: “I’ve been involved in quite a few activities since starting here. I’ve been involved in the Newman Center, Greek Life, MSSA, and Campus Rec as a referee for intramural sports.”

HC: What do you enjoy most about MNSU?

PP: “The community. It almost has a small town feel here, because people feel like family.”


HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

PP: “Blake Lively for sure! I’d love to be Ryan Reynolds.”

HC: What is something people wouldn’t know about you by looking at you?

PP: “Um, well, I’ve electrocuted myself twice. And as a kid I sang for a CD once.”

HC: Do you have any talents, or anything you are exceptionally good at?

PP: “I’m funny! Well, I try to be. OK, so not always. I’d like to think I am.”

HC: What’s your favorite restaurant?

PP: “Las Margarita’s in my hometown. They have amazing food and great margaritas that are very large. And I love margaritas.”

HC: If an actor were to play you in a movie, who would you want to play you?

PP: “Mark Wahlberg!”

HC: What’s a quote you live by?

PP: “YOLO. Just kidding. I really live by the saying, ‘take everything day by day, one step at a time.’”

HC: What’s a guilty pleasure that is a little embarrassing?

PP: “I love to watch HGTV and the Food Network. Oh, and I love Taylor Swift. But I think a lot of guys secretly love her.”

HC: What’s the first thing you look for in a girl?

PP: “A great personality for sure. But if this question is more about physical characteristics, I notice eyes right away – especially blue or green eyes.”

HC: What is something crazy you have done in your lifetime?

PP: “I threw a smoke bomb in my neighbor’s mailbox… It turned the mailbox pink. I think I was like… 12.”


HC: In your opinion, what is the worst thing about dating?

PP: “’Who’s going to grab the check first?’ No, just kidding. But honestly, the first time eating with someone. You want to talk to them, but there’s food involved, you don’t want to seem like you aren’t talking, it’s just awkward.”

HC: What’s your ideal kind of date?

PP: “I’ve always wanted to take a girl out on a nature walk on a beautiful day and go for a picnic.”

HC: How does being interviewed for Her Campus make you feel?

PP: “It’s pretty cool! I mean, being called a Campus Cutie definitely doesn’t hurt. And I like what you girls are doing for campus.”


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