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Panera Pet Peeves

I’ve worked at Panera Bread for almost two years now and while I enjoy working there; there are some things that grind my gears. Some of it is from coworkers but majority it is from customers. In writing this I hope to give insight on what not to do when going to a restaurant, specifically Panera Bread.

Most of this is from a drive thru perspective as that's where I mainly work. Which leads me to my first few points. Never, I repeat never, say, “hello?” when you first pull up to the speaker to place your order. We have a bell that goes off to let us know you are there. If we don’t respond in the first millisecond of you arriving, it’s probably because we are busy at the moment. I promise we’ll be with you as soon as we can.

Another pet peeve is if we ask you to repeat yourself a few times it probably means we can’t hear you so it would be helpful if you spoke up. Also along those lines, don't have someone order from the passenger seat, we can’t hear them. There is so much ruckus in the restaurant and it’s sometimes hard to block it out. We don’t want you to yell of course but try and speak clearly to ensure we can get your order right.

I’m sure this next one doesn’t come as a surprise, but don’t add to your order when you get up to the window. I get it sometimes you forget you wanted something or you change your mind. However, it’s hard for us to add something because it slows down the line and creates more confusion between workers.

Another huge pet peeve that I have while working, is when you don’t have your money ready at the window. If there are three cars ahead of you and then you pull up to the window and scramble to get your card out of your purse; what were you doing for the whole five minutes you waited in line? Because now I have to awkwardly stand there watching you sweat bullets trying to find your purse in the back seat. Please save us both the hassle and get it before you pull up to the window.

I could add more to the list but I’m sure this seems nitpicky enough. Again I would like to reiterate that 90% of customers are great but there are a few things that would help us as workers have a smoother transaction. And just a friendly reminder please and thank you goes a long way we’re doing our best and it doesn’t cost a thing to be nice!