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Owen Gammell ’17

Name: Owen Philip Gammell

Hometown: Saint Michael, Minnesota

Age: 21

Relationship Status: single

Year: junior

Major: construction management

HC: What is your dream job?

Owen Gammell: “Project manager for a general contractor who works on stadiums.”

HC: Describe yourself using 3 words.

OG: “Athletic, Nice and Respectful.”

HC: What has been your most memorable year of college thus far?

OG: “Freshman year at University of North Dakota (UND) because of all the people I met in the dorms and all the connections I have up there now; but nothing beats a hockey game at the Ralph.”

HC: What is your idea of a perfect date?

OG: “Start off slow by making her dinner, then go sightseeing at Gooseberry Falls, finally go out for ice cream and seal the deal.”

HC: What is the first thing you notice about a girl?

OG: “Eyes and Smile.”

HC: What is one thing a girl could do to make you no longer interested?

OG: “When they are a different person in front of me than they are when they are with their friends.”

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?

OG: “Gotta go with Carrie Underwood.”

HC: What are your hobbies?

OG: “Softball, lifting, and hanging out with my friends. This summer I played four nights a week and played tournaments on the weekends. Let’s just say I know how to use my hips because I took fifth out of 60 in the Homerun Derby, being the smallest and the youngest of them all. My team went to state and on to nationals, then lost.”

HC: Do you have any hidden talents?

OG: “I can walk on my hands.”

HC: Do you have any children?

OG: “Ahh NO! The little girls are my cousins, but my sister-in-law is due any day now and then I will be an uncle!”

HC: If you could be anyone for the day, who would you be? Why?

OG: “I would be Kenny Chesney because of all his sick tours and getting to meet all the athletes at the stadiums he plays at.”

HC: How does it feel to be chosen for campus cutie?

OG: “Honored, you know! Not too many people get this opportunity. All of my roommates are jealous, they want to be campus cuties too.”


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