Nashville: The City That Never Sleeps?


This year is my senior year in college and before this, I had never been on a destination spring break. In the past, I have usually utilized my break to see my family or catch up on homework or just relax and not do anything at all. Being that this is my last year and I had not experienced a college spring break, I wanted to do it a little bit differently.

A good friend of mine has a sister that lives near downtown Nashville and she had been wanting to visit her for some time, and she mentioned that I should come with her. What better time than spring break!

Our flight got in during the afternoon so we had a full day ahead of us when we arrived. We visited the most touristy area right away, Broadway Street. On a Wednesday afternoon, that place was poppin’.

If you have ever been to Broadway Street in Nashville, you have seen the numerous amount of restaurants, gift shops and bars that seem to go on forever. Tootsies was a very popular one that we went into.

When my two friends and I went to her sister’s one bedroom apartment for the first time we were not too excited. We assumed that there was barely going to be enough room for the three of us plus her sister. Little did we know, this was going to be the biggest one bedroom apartment we had ever seen. Right when we got there, we made ourselves comfortable and passed out. We had been busy all day. However, each day we were in Nashville we did sleep in until noon at the earliest which probably is not usually the best thing to do during vacation when there are so many places to see and visit. The reason we justified our “sleeping in” was that it was our vacation and we needed relaxing time, too.

When we did get up, though, we had so much fun. Each night after the first, we stayed out until morning and I had never experienced that much fun so late (or early, I should say).

Although living there might be a bit exhausting after a while, it would still be a blast!