My Thoughts on Jon Bellion

If you ask any of my coworkers who my favorite musician is they would all say Jon Bellion. I’m constantly playing his music on our stereo at work and even if I’m not I’m still talking about the songs he wrote for other artists. I’m sure I drive most people crazy by doing this but I can’t help it. Jon Bellion is a creative genius when it comes to music. 

I first heard Jon Bellion’s All Time Low from one of my best friends in high school. Human Condition, his album, came out shortly after that and I was hooked. One way or another I found his YouTube channel where he shows the process of creating his songs. Watching him work is amazing. He wrote, produced, and sang all of his songs himself. You can see through those videos how talented and gifted he is. 

My freshman year of college his next album, Glory Sound Prep, came out. With no forewarning he dropped a 10 song album and didn’t start doing promo for it until a few weeks after. In one interview he talks about how he wanted to give his fans time to give his new album a listen. That’s something that I will say about his music. The first time you listen to a song you might not like it but after a few more listens you start to adjust to it. I believe this is because he is so forward-thinking that it takes normal people time to become accustomed to it. 

In the summer of 2019, I saw Jon Bellion in concert. My sister and I drove 10 hours all together for his show. It didn’t disappoint. Watching him perform, you can see how much love he has for music. The three hour concert flew by all too quickly. What I wouldn’t give to see him play again, especially now with the pandemic. 

So, my hopes in writing this article is that if you haven’t heard of him or if you don’t know too many songs from him, that you give him a listen. You might have to give his songs a few replays before you start to connect with them but your patience will be worth it. Like I said before I am always talking about him so if you want some song recommendations or want to share with me your favorites from him, I would love nothing more!