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My Favorite Sustainability Swaps of 2021

If anyone knows me at all they know sustainability and all things related to is my jam. If you don’t know me then – Hi, I’m Maddy, your local sustainability enthusiast! While I continue on my journey and critique and alter my routine in a way that works best for me, I’ve accumulated a couple favorite sustainable swaps that could easily fit in anyone day to day routine. 


  1. Beeswax wraps are a perfect swap for saran wrap, tinfoil, plastic baggies, etc! For this swap I would highly recommend putting a little more money into it. While they’re still super affordable, it’s fairly important that your investing in good quality beeswax wrap so they’ll last you a while.  These wraps come in fun colors and patterns, they work amazing, and they’re super easy to clean and store. My favorite beeswax wraps have come from etsy but if you’re feeling like a DIY queen then there’s plenty of instructions on how to make your own! 

  2. Reusable flatware sets/ reusable straws have been an absolute life saver, especially when it comes to cutting back on my single use plastic consumption. My flatware set comes with a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, a straw, a straw cleaner, and comes bundled in a perfectly compact case that I can easily throw in my backpack. Good quality flatware sets can be found on etsy, Ten Tree, Package Free Shop or you can also make your own with some everyday silverware, your own reusable straw and a container of your choice. This has been so nice to have on the go and it has dramatically helped me on my sustainable journey.

  3. Reusable tote bags have also been a personal fan favorite. I have become quite the totebag collector and use them for anything and everything. They have been so helpful for errands such as thrifting or groceries and they’re so easy to find. I have collected my tote bags from everywhere ranging from my parents coat closet, my local thrift store and etsy!

  4. Last but certainly not least, soap bars! Probably the most cost efficient and easiest sustainable swap I’ve made! The use of soap bars has greatly cut back on my unnecessary plastic intake. They’re incredibly easy to find and some of my favorites have some from etsy and other local shops, but like I mentioned earlier you can find them almost anywhere. Not to mention how long they last! The duration of my soap bars have lasted months! I also like to buy little wooden bar soap holders that I purchased on etsy so that I can easily store them and It helps them last longer. 


Although these sustainable swaps seem easily do-able for some, that’s not the case for others and that’s okay. It’s extremely important to remember that if you’re starting your sustainable journey, your routine isn’t going to be perfect and there’s no expectation for it to me. While I thoroughly enjoy my progress so far, I still am guilty of using unsustainable items and that’s okay because I’m doing the best I can. Sustainability is a personal journey and your limitations and exceptions are in the hands of no one but your own.


Hi! My names Maddy and I'm a junior majoring in communication studies and minoring in gender and women studies as well as art. Feminism and environmentalism are very important to me and some other things I enjoy are coffee, photography, plants and concerts.
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