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My Favorite Restaurants in Mankato, MN


Since my first time going to Weggy’s, I have been obsessed. I have only ever gotten their crispy chicken sandwich because it is just that good. It is so juicy and you definitely get what you pay for. The servings sizes there are large and I always go home with extras. Their onion rings are also so amazing. They hold their shape and don’t fall apart when you bite into them which I personally love. Weggy’s is also at a great location right by campus so it is a nice walk if you’re around that area. Another added bonus is that you get to support some fellow college students since that is who primarily work there! 



Wow. Just wow. That is pretty much all I said the first time I went to Dino’s! I never have been one that goes to pizza places because that is usually not my vibe. But ever since I have been dreaming of their pizza! The pizza is the greatest ratio of crust and sauce to their toppings. I also love cheese so added fresh mozzarella on top made this pizza the dreamiest one I have ever eaten. Not only did I get pizza there, but I also got their chicken alfredo that was just as fantastic as the pizza. If you’re looking for somewhere to go in mankato for a date night, I highly recommend Dino’s!



If you’re looking for somewhere to go that not only has great food but also a very aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, this is the place! They have really great options for people that have dietary restrictions or enjoy eating vegan. It is great to see restaurants providing this option for those of you who need it. The service is amazing and the atmosphere is a calming one for sure! It also makes for really great pictures on Instagram, and who doesn’t love that? ;) 


Tav on the Ave

I just tried this place for the first time and I will definitely be back! They had a great selection of appetizers and entrées that are original to their restaurant and not found at every restaurant you go to. Me being the picky eater I am, I just got some BBQ wings and waffle fries that did not disappoint! My friends got some great looking nachos that she devoured quickly because they were that good! I really enjoy this restaurant also because of how laid back and relaxed it was in there. The music wasn’t too loud and it wasn’t somewhere I thought I needed to be dressed up for!


hi i am shannon! i am a senior at minnesota state university, mankato majoring in communication sciences and disorders. i am excited to have joined her campus in hopes of making new friends, memories, and join the beautiful community of women we have.
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