MNSU's Spring Gender Bender Drag Show was a Must-See

On Wednesday, March 21st, the  LGBT Center at MNSU, Mankato held their spring Gender Bender Drag Show. This semester's show featured some of Mankato's very own! Hosted by Gosh Alice Jones, the show featured performances by The Rose Sisters and Luna Muse.



One major highlight of the night was the costumes. We saw quite a few costume changes from Gosh Alice Jones. Everyone definitely wished to see that closet! The greatest show-stopper was the beautiful blue showgirl outfit from Princess Blue Rose. There were endless sparkles, shine, feathers and glitter from nearly all the outfits seen that night.



Another highlight of the night was, of course, the music! Songs ranged from current hits to classics that everyone knows and loves. We were even treated to a live vocal performance from Luscious Rose, who performed You Raise Me Up. The performance received a standing ovation from the sold-out crowd.

There was an equally moving performance by Luna Muse. During the latter part of the show, Luna came out dressed down. The lights dimmed and a more laid back song began to play. However, that song was one that would change the mood. It was Dear Mr. President by P!nk. A stellar performance, it gave everyone in the room something to think on as they left the theatre.



Overall, the spring Gender Bender Show was definitely something everyone should have seen. One grad student was even quoted saying "If you've never seen a drag queen straight up belt Josh Groban and nail it then really, what are you doing with your life?". Personally, I really think that shows just the high-quality show that was given that night! It was 10 out of 10. HIGHLY recommend!