Meet the VP of Her Campus MNSU: Elizabeth Lloyd

Meet Elizabeth, known by many of her friends as Lizzy. She is the vice president and campus correspondent of our Her Campus chapter and a very hard worker who goes above and beyond in all things she does. It has been such an honor being her friend and working closley with her over the last two years.

Name: Elizabeth Lloyd

Year and major: senior; human resource management

Hometown: considers both Northfield and Prior Lake her hometowns 

Her Campus: What is one thing you have learned about yourself through your position as Vice President and Campus Correspondent?

Elizabeth Lloyd: "One thing I learned about myself is how much I hated public speaking. I’m still not a fan, but I have gotten much better at it."

HC: When you graduate in May and hand your position off to your successor, what are your hopes for the chapter?

EL: "I hope that Her Campus MNSU continues to thrive and empower women on campus to succeed."

HC: What made you decide to major in human resource management?

EL: "I always thought I was going to be somewhere in the health field growing up, but I didn’t want to get stuck in one career. I am someone who thrives on challenges and helping people. Human Resources is a career in which I can move around while helping people and still have a business background."

HC: What has been your favorite experience in college?

EL: "It’s too hard to just choose one, but I would say one of my top 5 was the New York Study Tour last winter. It was so much fun and we learned a lot while we were there. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I would suggest anyone who is eligible to go to do so."

HC: When you’re not involving yourself on campus or studying for classes, what can you be found doing?

EL: "I love to be outside, but you’ll also find me working out, hanging out with friends or family, reading, or working."

HC: What motivates you to accomplish your goals?

EL: "I am a self motivated person. I love motivational quotes, but at the end of the day the only one truly holding you back from achieving your goals is you. Most people in the world won’t help you achieve every goal you have, but if you go out and meet enough people, you’ll find the one person who will. When accomplishing your goals, it’s important to know when to ask for help and when you just need to push yourself to the next step. I have to write my goals down and look at them every day."

HC: What is a fun fact or quirk about you that not many people know?

EL: "I love podcasts. My favorite podcasts are The Chalene Show and The Food Heals Podcast."

HC: You have a huge family. What was it like growing up in a family of that size?

EL: [giggles] "Growing up in a large family was amazing, it still is. My family is very close, most of my cousins are more like siblings. We still do family vacations with each other. However, there are challenges that come with growing up with a big family. You never want to leave anyone out, but sometimes it’s hard to make sure everyone is informed on whatever it is you’re doing. We even have a Haugh address book just to make sure everyone has the birthdays, addresses and phone numbers of each other. It’s also hard to get everyone together all the time, but we do a pretty good job at it. My family is unique, my mom is the youngest of nine and my stepdad has five siblings, but our families are very close and have been friends for many years. The events on my dad’s side are much smaller, my dad has two siblings, and my stepmom has one sister."

2016 Haugh Christmas with the majority of the family.

HC: What have you learned from growing up in a farming family? What skills will you use to your advantage when in the professional world?

EL: "The number one thing I learned growing up around farms was how to work hard. I am lucky in the sense that I didn’t grow up on one specific farm. My father is a crop farmer and his father, my grandfather, is a hobby farmer, with a lot of vegetables, land, chickens. and goats. My stepfather is primarily a dairy and crop farmer, but we have chickens on the farm as well. My mom’s father had a horse stable, which my uncle runs now. Each farm has its own set of chores and duties, something that most people wouldn’t understand. My work ethic is the number one thing I will bring to my professional life. However, there are many skills that you learn on a farm to bring into the professional world."