Make Your Tinder the Most Swipeable Out There

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to get so many matches on Tinder? Or what goes in to someone swiping on you? Well, you’re in luck, because there are actual people who study this and want to help you make the most swipeable profile out there.

Now at the root of things, Tinder seems like a system used to judge appearance and move on. BUT, and hear me out, the bio you have may just help to increase your chances of getting swiped on.



Using a bio can be the best way to showcase a bit more of you, what your interests are and more. This is a place to leave a reference to your favorite TV show (I’m looking at you ‘Jim and Pam’ references) or ask someone to lead a conversation with a horrible pick up line. Most importantly, make it your own. Pictures can only show so much of a person.

This leads me to pictures- something that most girls, let’s be honest, spend hours picking the right ones for their profile.

Pictures can be a tricky place for everyone. Tinder’s own Rosette Pambakin shares “Include pictures of you doing your favorite activities to give potential matches insight into what makes you, you.” Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Showcasing who you are and what you enjoy will lead to more meaningful matches and potentially more meaningful relationships.

This leads me to the last, and potentially most important, part of Tinder.

Sending messages.



It’s something that we all dread yet has to happen when using dating sites. Tinder allows both sides to send messages first. Bumble on the other hand, gives women 24 hours to make the first move. Which is scary all by itself.

Another great suggestion from the head of Bumble is “Make sure that you are opening the door to conversation” whether it be leading with asking how a trip was or about the TV show in their bio, it allows for natural conversation.

Bumble now has a cool new feature, which allows you to pick an opener from a list of suggestions. This both takes the pressure away and opens up the conversation! Using one of these prompts is sure to lead to a reply instead of starting off with a simple “Hey!”

But above all, be yourself. Being honest and show the person on the other side who you are. This is sure to get you more matches and help you create more meaningful relationships in the end.