Looking into "Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes" Series on Netflix


The new Netflix documentary series “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” goes into depths picking apart America’s most infamous serial killer. These four episodes, about an hour long each, had me on the edge of me seat astonished at the fact that this happened in real life. This show has been getting a lot of light on the internet and social media just for how well Netflix put it all together and for the new movie that will be coming out with Zac Efron, but for also showing the public the tragedy and how much of a killer Ted Bundy really was. If you are anything like me, I did not know a thing about who Ted Bundy was or what he had possibly done to so many beautiful young women. His manipulative demeanor, his good looks and how intelligent he was is why many of his murders remained a mystery for so long. I found this series to be extremely interesting, so I will go into a nutshell of what it was all about.

        In the beginning of the series they go into detail about Bundy’s boyhood and how many of the people in his neighborhood saw him as “normal” or if anything just a quiet guy, but very intelligent to say the least. When it really goes south is when he hits his college years and well after. Numerous beautiful women started going missing or being killed right and left without a trace near a university in Washington.One woman they interviewed in the docuseries actually had gotten away from this evil man who had attempted to take her while she was at the mall, threw her in a car and somehow she managed to escaped. Women at that time were being warned to not be alone and to always be in pairs or groups, specifically women in college as that had seemed to be the age that most of the missing women were. These killings and missing women had later spread to Utah and Colorado. Bundy was actually then convicted in the murdering of a woman in Utah but had somehow escaped a jail there. He was extremely smart and loved the attention on him, claiming he was “innocent” and he would “never do a thing like that.” He was later caught in Colorado for a convicted killing there too, but again, he had escaped. By this time, he was getting public attention and nobody had known where he would or could have gone. He changed his appearance many times, so it was hard to even spot him in a crowd. Overtime, he had somehow made his way to Florida where again, more women went missing or women were killed. One of those killed being just a 12-year-old girl. Finally, over a period of time he was caught and convicted of murder and sentenced to death row in Florida. And all the way up to his death penalty he had fought tooth and nail claiming he was “not guilty”, nor had he had killed those Florida women.  Just two days before his death penalty, he had confessed to killing thirty women going into horrific detail about what he would do to these women and their bodies. The day of his death penalty he was then executed by an electric chair. There were crowds of people surrounding the building while it had taken place cheering and happy for it to finally happen.

        This series may not be for everyone if you get spooked by these kinds of things, but I found this series to be inherently interesting, just because I could not believe that this had happened in real life 40 years ago. How could a man do this to over thirty women? And many times, not even leave a trace behind? Can you imagine being a college-aged woman at that time and fearing for your life because of this man? He had a very manipulative manner and he was self-centered, intelligent and had great looks which he was able to change many times which made the process much longer than it should have to get him in jail. My heart hurts for those thirty women that were killed and all of their families. Netflix did a wonderful job with this series going much into detail about this insane serial killer, I definitely recommended to any and all interested in crime or a good watch.