Living on Borrowed Time



From the day were born to the day we cannot see the sun shining, each one of them is a gift. A gift we often take for granted.

We are only given “X” amount of days. No one knows who has more or why some only get a few. The truth is, we all know that one day, we won't have any more days.


Keep on living it up. Wake up early to see the sunrise over the lake. Tell your grandma you love her. Take the biggest piece of chocolate cake. Dance on the tables, not just the dance floor. Call home more often.



Adopt another puppy. Buy the shoes. Travel to a place that isn't on a map. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Sing louder in the car.

Before you know it, this borrowed time will be time to say goodbye. Our days will run out eventually. Hopefully not soon for you, but someday they will. And you need to have lived every second as if it was borrowed time.