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Light up Your Date Night with The Kiwanis Holiday Lights

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.


The Kiwanis Holiday Lights are an extraordinary event that occurs every year in Mankato, Minnesota. “The mission of the Kiwanis Holiday Lights is to create a celebration of Holiday Lights for the greater Mankato area that builds on past tradition and promotes the communities we serve, while raising non-perishable food donations for those in need. Kiwanis Holiday Lights is a program of the Mankato Downtown Kiwanis Club.”

The Lights are open from around November 24th to December 31st, depending on the year. There are many different ways you can attend this event. One way would be to walk the lights trails. Another way to enjoy the Kiwanis Holiday Lights would be to drive through them. The best part of this event, IT IS FREE. This is a perfect date night idea, especially for those cold days where you just want to stay in your car.

The Kiwanis Holiday Lights also puts on a multitude of events along with the light trail. There is a Kiwanis Lights parade, a holiday 5K, ice sculpting, and much more! They try to have some event happening every day that the lights are open. The lights would not be able to continue to thrive without the amazing set up from the Kiwanis group, and the many volunteers that assist with decoration and such. They do such an amazing job with this event, and I think it is a must see!

Sammy is what you would call a Student Solider. She is in the Army and also a Senior at MNSU. Her major is Mass Media and her minor is Communication Studies. She is from Cottage Grove, MN and enjoys her weekends in the cities. She enjoys being the Her Campus MNSU Chapters Campus Correspondent and also Young Life. She wishes that fall season was year round, but living in Minnesota she will have deal with all the seasons it brings.