Learn to do Things by Yourself

I'm someone that enjoys my own company. In fact, I thrive in it. Maybe it's the introvert in me, but you have to admit, being able to do stuff alone without feeling awkward is a skill we all should have. Introvert or not, your own company is the only one you'll always find yourself in, so why not make the most of it?


Sometimes, not being able to do things alone restricts people from doing what they want to do whenever they feel like doing it. For instance, you've probably had times when you wanted to see a movie or go hiking. But your friends weren't free, or just didn't want to go. You may have canceled your plans because they weren't in line with those of your squad, without even considering that you could have gone out alone.

Of course, you may think of all those people who might be judging you for not being with friends. Or you may cringe at the thought of telling a hostess that you only need a table for one. But the judgments and pitying looks are, for the most part, in your head. No one cares whether or not you eat alone. There might be a few people who'll look at you oddly, but that shouldn't bother you at all. On the other hand, there'll be a few people who'll look at you admiringly; probably because you're doing something they wish they were brave enough to do.

You don't have to go out alone all the time, but just knowing that you could if you wanted to provides you with options. You'll also be giving yourself opportunities to self-reflect and learn more about yourself, without having to worry about entertaining the people you're out with. And when a time comes that you find yourself in a new place with no familiar faces close by, you'll have no worries.

Learning to enjoy solitude is all part of the self-love process. It doesn't mean you don't have friends, or you hate socializing; it simply means you have enough self-confidence to not view your own company as less fulfilling.