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Kim K’s New Perfume

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you’re looking for a new perfume to spoil yourself with, look no further. Kim Kardashian- West launched her new perfume line, KKW Fragrance. Released on November 15th, these gorgeous crystal-shaped perfume bottles contain three mesmerizing scents.


Gardenia is featured in three different varieties: Kim’s main scent is Crystal Gardenia, followed by Gardenia Citrus and Gardenia Oud. Kim shares that she decided to launch all three perfumes at the same time, which has brought great excitement to her millions of followers.

The 30ml size is $35, and the 75ml size is $60.Kardashian- West says that her inspiration for the unique perfume crystal design came from her traumatic Paris robbery last year. She shares that several of her close friends gave her healing crystals after the crisis. This, to me, shows how through her own struggle, she is  able to give a big part of her life to the public.

Kim’s perfume has been shared through all social media platforms and is a must buy this holiday season. According to TMZ, KKW perfume sold 10 million bottles of perfume just on the first day! Make sure to snag your bottle of Crystal Gardenia, Gardenia Citrus, and/or Gardenia Oud before they’re all gone.

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