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It’s Time to Reconsider your Major; In Response to COVID-19 and the “New Normal” that Approaches

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MNSU chapter.

How is your career being affected by COVID-19 currently? Is there a need for it? For example, stores like Target and Walmart have customers who primarily use self-checkouts, reducing the need for cashiers. Is your future career at risk of being replaced in ways that promote a more isolated society?

With the New Normal, what will the demand look like for your future career? What’s the rate-of- return for you major? Does the pay override the cost of education? If your student loan debt will be over $30k, are you going to make enough to pay for that loan? Rent, car insurance, and groceries as well? Will you be able to have the life that you desire with that job’s income? Just a little FYI, the more specialized your job is the greater the demand and pay. And if COVID-19 hasn’t taught you anything, you should be saving money back for emergencies each payday. So, if you feel that you can’t afford to live the life that you want AND save, then maybe it is a sign that you won’t make enough to support your future out-of-college big kid lifestyle.

Is it a career/job that can be completed remotely.? If not, could you survive the new set- up? AKA, if you are pursuing a teaching degree, are you okay with talking to a black screen all day? IF you’re considering a medical career, will you survive long hours with a face mask, or three, on?

Would you still be happy with the career if it meant that there would be some drastic changes, in response to social distancing? There just might not be any more office holiday parties- tragic I know. You’ll just have to forget about using a name tag with “ugly sweater” written on it and slapped onto your oh-so bland American Eagle sweater. Posting memes around your workplace that you printed using the office printer, yep that’s probably not going to happen either.

What are the benefits for working that certain job? Right now, is THE time to be mindful of what unemployment or “displacement”, and health insurance benefits employers are willing to give out.

BEFORE you decide to hit that “change major button”, consider different careers that are still applicable to your current major. You just might be surprised to see what choices you have. And it might be for the best to NOT go making rash decisions. As changing your major often means having different course requirements. Which also means that you could be throwing away credit hours, aka time and money.

However, if your gut is telling you that the new normal of your future career is NOT for you, then it is best to rip the band aid off now. The sooner you change your major- if that is what you feel is best- then the sooner it will be that you will be back on track.

Hello, I am a Mass Media and Communication Studies major at MNSU. While I enjoy writing and being a part of organizations that keep me connected.