The Importance of Drinking Water


        If you are anything like me, making sure you get enough intake of water a day can be hard. Drinking water is an important aspect in your diet and everyday living. This has been something I have been focusing on and when you do drink enough water YOU CAN TELL! I am a firm believer in drinking lot of water. So go out and buy a cute water bottle or some low-cal lemonade packets to spruce up your water because here is why water is SO important:

1) Water intake helps maintain your body fluids

Your body is made up of 60% water. That’s a lot of water! So you want to be sure you are consuming enough to hydrate yourself. This water helps digestion, absorption, circulation and all sorts of other good things that your body does!

2) Water helps your skin look good

YES! You read that right! Drinking lots of water makes for healthy skin! When you are not drinking enough water, it makes your skin drier and maybe even a little wrinklier.

3) Water helps to energize your muscles

This one is SO important! Especially for my work-out girls! When not drinking enough water it can result in muscle fatigue which makes your muscles not perform as well as they might if they were properly hydrated. Drinking liquids before working out and DURING your workout is important for replacing the liquid loss while sweating.

4) Water helps control calories

Choosing water over high caloric beverages will help cut calories and will be way better off and healthier in the long run. Eating foods that are dense in water will also tend to make you much fuller and are absorbed slower in the body which enhances the feeling of fullness.

5) It is important for your health!!!

Overall, drinking lots of water is VITAL for your health. It regulates your body temperature, helps cushion your brain and other important parts of your body, helps get rid of waste out of the body, lubricates your joints, delivers oxygen throughout the body and SO much more! It is key to overall health!

So, go buy yourself a cute water bottle or some yummy lemons to put into your water or whatever will make you drink more because it is important in more ways than one! You’ll thank me later for your naturally glowing skin.