How You Know You've Met Your Best Friend

Everybody has a best friend that they will always love. For me, friendship is as important and indispensable as love, or sometimes even more. It’s a blessing that I was able to find my best friend amongst millions of people in life. Finding a best friend is like finding a soulmate. If the chemical reaction is right, you can realize that person is “the one” the first time you meet. But friendship is also about exploring and learning about each other over the course of time.

When I first met my best friend, she was actually “BFFs” with another girl. Then, we started to hangout more and get close to each other. Now, we spontaneously laugh at silly things, we share the same habits and dislike same things.

Here are four ways to know if you have found your best friend:

You know that you can tell them everything. You feel completely comfortable and safe telling them all of your troubles, bothers, and happiness without worrying that they would tell another person. You aren't afraid of being judged, or that your friend will get angry or annoyed.

You guys have many common hobbies, or feel comfortable sharing and enjoying all of those hobbies together, as a part of the friendship.

You can never spend too much time together, and you guys never have an awkward moment where no one says a word or have nothing to talk about. Plus, you guys like or dislike the same people. If one of you has a reason to dislike someone, the other one immediately has the same feeling without needing to meet that person.

Most importantly in recognizing a best friend, they make you feel valued. They motivate you when you feel down, know your good side and bad side, they stick with you through the bad and remind you of how good of a person you really are.