How to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget


Spring Break is always the best time of the year. One whole week off to do absolutely nothing, or in some cases, go crazy on a warm beach in Mexico. With a college student budget, it may be hard to blow hundreds on a week-long trip. So, here are some tips and trip ideas on how to have the best break ever, without breaking the bank.

Lately, it seems like everyone is pushing for a service trip rolled into a spring break trip. Groups such as Students Today, Leaders Forever (STLF) take students on a week-long trip traveling to a state while stopping and doing smaller service projects along the way. Here at MNSU, Mankato we also have a group that holds an Alternative Spring Break. It’s the same concept as the STLF trip, but they typically travel to one location with all service projects happening in that city. This is a great way to mix a trip and service hours! Most trips give class credit or service hours in exchange


Plan early! Flights, hotels, and trip packages seem to be cheaper the earlier you book. Flights tend to increase in price when you get within 4 weeks of the departure dates. Trips usually are planned more than 4 weeks in advance, but keep in mind, the closer you get, the more the prices increase. Travelling domestically, meaning inside the United States, can significantly reduce airfare. Throw in nonstop and carry on only, and you can save some big bucks right there!


Stay local. I know, no one really wants to spend spring break in your hometown, but staying local is the best way to stick to a budget. Research local water parks, rent an Airbnb in a cool city, stay downtown in a hotel you've always wanted to stay in. Little things like that can make break fun, without you breaking the bank. Staying local also allows you to explore places you've never even visited in your own state. Just a simple Google search will help you find some! And just think, you won't have to deal with crabby TSA agents, long check-in lines and many other things that come with flying and traveling.