How to Dress Warm and Trendy for the Cold Winter Weather

In Minnesota, our winter starts in November and sometimes even October when all of a sudden the temperature drops and snow flurries begin to fly. That’s when you know fall is cut short and it’s time to break out the winter gear for the freezing temps. My biggest issue besides being freezing every time I leave my house is that I don’t get to dress as trendy and I don’t find myself caring as much about my clothes because I always prioritize warmth. I find myself just layering a giant scarf and long puffy coat over my outfits, but I’ve found fashion statements that I feel will allow us girls to feel stylish, yet warm for this upcoming winter.  

The Puffer Coat  Jackets are a must whenever you have to go outside in the winter, but that doesn’t mean the jacket has to take away from wearing a trendy outfit. It can easily be the fashionable piece that is incorporated in your OOTD. My first find is the biggest statement piece I feel someone can wear in the winter, and that is a large puffer coat whether it’s a neutral or bright color. Although a winter coat can take away from an outfit, I feel a short puffer coat can make an outfit exciting and you will be very warm if you have to be outside in the cold. 


Shearling Jacket  Shearling jackets are very popular for the days when it’s cold, but not freezing cold like winter days can be. This jacket is nice when it’s a sunny cold winter day, especially when it’s layered over a sweater or sweatshirt to add a little bit of warmth with the fuzzy layer on the inside of the jacket.


Headwear Wearing a hat of some sort is always a fun and stylish way to add more to an outfit and be warmer in the winter. A few trendy headwear pieces are of course a beanie and headband. But also, there’s berets and wide-brim or fedora hats that are popular street fashion and can be warm to wear in the winter. 


Over the Knee Boots Footwear is also important, I know the warmest and comfiest winter footwear in Minnesota is definitely UGG boots don’t get me wrong, but to match an outfit with them can be difficult sometimes. A more stylish option for boots for the winter I think would be a pair of over the knee boots, because they are good to wear with a skirt or dress to cover your legs to add warmth. Also, they can easily go over pants and jeans to add a layer of warmth over the leg as well as look fashionable with a sweater and peacoat jacket to complete the look. 


Layers, Layers and More Layers Although a jacket and warm accessories are extremely necessary for the winter months, the outfit itself can be warmer too on its own when it’s winter and you’re still cold inside at work, school, or at home. So to make your outfit warm, you should of course add layers, layers, and more layers. Adding an extra long sleeve under a sweater, sweatshirt, t-shirt or dress can easily make the outfit so much warmer and depending on the shirt no one can even tell that you are wearing layers. I really like the style of wearing a long sleeve or turtleneck under a dress when you are wanting or needing to dress up more in the winter or adding a chunky sweater with a long skirt or with pants. 


WEAR A MASK! A trend that I feel is the most important for this winter season specifically is the warmth that a face mask can provide as well as being extremely necessary. We all need to wear masks to protect ourselves and others this winter season during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing a facemask is a must and wearing them in the winter is just another way to keep yourself warm as well and you can be stylish with them too by incorporating the look of the mask into your winter outfit and be warm head to toe as well as over your mouth and nose.