Halloween at the Bars

Halloween is a time that you are able to express yourself in the way of costume, whether it is something scary or something more on the risky side. The bars are the place to be for Halloween and Halloweekend if you are of age to drink. It is just a fun place to see everyone dressed up in different outfits.

The best thing is getting there when there is a two for one deal for drinks, so you do not have to pay as much for alcohol. The bars can get expensive, so I would recommend drinking before going but making sure you have a sober driver to take you there. Maybe also have a Halloween party at your house before hand. Everyone there is wanting to have a good time, so you can talk to anyone and start a conversation with them. It is even better when people are dressed up so you can start to conversation with that and make new friends in the process.

It is also a great place to get together with your friends and take all those Halloween costume pictures. You have to let everyone know you were at the bars and had a great time as well. And lets be real, you dressed up in what you did for the reason of wanting people to see it so being out at the bars in perfect for that. Whether or not the bars is your scene or not, halloween in general is an awesome time no matter what age you are.