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Golden Gophers: University of Minnesota Gophers Volleyball Team are Killing The Game

The University of Minnesota Gophers Volleyball team has been undefeatable in the BIG conference. They have been playing very competitively throughout the whole season and have been showing their true strengths. The Gophers have had a bunch of Freshman that have been playing a lot of minutes each game. There are two Freshman that have been making a huge difference on the team. First off, Adanna Rollins has been up-stoppable on the left side as an outside hitter. Another Freshman that has been key to the Gophers’ success is CC McGraw. She is the Libero for the Gophers and has been doing very well in the back row with digging, serve receiving and also being scrappy.

The Gophers Volleyball team’s success does not rely on one person, but instead on everyone. The coaching staff has been working hard and pushing the girls to understand where the block is and what they need to do to bring that down. The senior setter, Samantha Seliger-Swenson, has been very consistent and a huge impact on the team. She has been chosen as the “Setter of the Week” about five times this season. Other athletes on the team that have been providing key plays are Taylor Morgan, Stephanie Samedy, Regan Pittman, Lauren Barnes, Alexis Hart, Jasmyn Martin, and many more.

I am really excited to see the future of this Gopher volleyball team. They have so much potential to do very well in the BIG conference and even in the championship games. The team has some great senior leaders, therefore I think this will benefit the gophers in the late season. Also, having some freshman step up and make things happen is super influential throughout the season as well. GO GOLDEN GOPHERS!


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